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When we decided to have a new website built, we were anxious about 'getting it right'. We consulted with several of the 'big boys' and came to the conclusion that they were obscenely expensive and were intent on building what THEY wanted to build, not what WE wanted. You, on the other hand, listened intently to our wishes, made useful suggestions, and even added a few catchy technical features that have resulted in a professional, dignified website that were are proud of; we got EXACTLY what we wanted and virtually no changes have been necessary since it was launched. The ENTIRE process took place via phone and email, which saved us time and money.
Many, many thanks!

Roger R.
United Specialty Products Company
Unit 431-7231 120th Street
Delta, BC  V4C 6P5

Bohemia Website Sevices helped me out of a jam when the previous web designer couldn't complete the task.
Very high skill levels and the work gets done.
Thanks Bohemia.
Anthony Kegaly
Sales Matter

After comparing and researching a wide range of web developers, I found that Bohemia was, hands down, the best option in terms of price, experience, and quality of work. After enlisting their services, I quickly discovered that my research was right; my website was done for half of what I was quoted from other developers and the quality of work was beyond my expectations.  Bohemia custom built my site to meet my requests and made some very helpful suggestions to make my ideas work.  Better still, after the site was done, Bohemia was willing to make some minor changes for me right away, free of charge. After working with Bohemia, I was extremely happy the personal, friendly service and with how my website turned out; I would recommend Bohemia Websites to anyone wanting to build a website, however big or small.
Many thanks Bohemia!

 Darian A.
You Can Beat This

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