Time Overview: When websites are being built, many people ask a version of this question, "I want my website to be at the top of the page for this and that." Of course, everyone wants that. But, only so much is possible, and one of the nerve racking factors for the webmaster and client is[…]


Sitemaps Overview: Sitemaps are files which contain links of files of some or all of the files on a website. Often, sitemaps can be seen by clicking on a link on the website. Sitemaps on websites probably contain an html file with the links. This sort of sitemap is really an index with a reinvented[…]

Tracking Web Statistics

Tracking Web Statistics Overview: A very important part of any SEO campaign is monitor traffic. Although you want to see how many visitors came to your website, it is very important to analyze the visits. With stat tools, you can make a relatively accurate guess about what pages people come too see, how long they[…]

Fresh Content

Fresh Content Overview: A good game for seo and long term visitors is to add fresh content on a regular basis. The fresh content allows for more phrases to be picked up in search engines and it just can make a website a better resource for the target people. Adding Fresh Content: Adding fresh content[…]

Content Is King

Content Is King Overview: Content is King is a long-term phrase that has been used to describe ‘Content’ as being a heavy impact for SEO. Deservedly so,  quality content does deserve to attract traffic or the system fails.  If Google and other search engines rank websites only on tricked criteria, such as links, anchor text[…]


Search Engine Friendly

SEFSearch Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly URLs take long stringy URLs from dynamic web pages within a content management system and create nice, readable URLs in the browser. When the URLs are clean and use the proper combination of words that match the keywords, better SEO can be achieved, not to mention the address looks much tidier. For typical pages, the page name is a SEF URL. But, when it comes to dynamic pages, like blogs and forums, there is often a process to make them spell certain words. [...]

Email marketing

Email marketing

Email Marketing Overview: Email marketing is the sending email to prospective and current clients. Some may want the email, some may be interested, and some may be outright annoyed. Personalized Emails: Personalized emails can work if the prospective client is in need of your service. For example, sending emails to Property Managers for ‘Pool Cleaning[…]

Blogs and Forums

Blogs and Forums Overview: Blogs and forums can be stand alone websites or they can be added to a content management system. Blogs and forums are simple methods to increase seo because adding text and graphics is very simple and the articles become ordered automatically. However, the installation, setup and maintenance can vary dramatically from[…]

Video marketing

Video marketing

Video marketingVideo Marketing

Video marketing is a fantastic media to use for gaining traffic to your website. Videos can show up on the front page of Google, or a web surfer could select 'Show Options'  in Google and see all videos for the keyword. A very popular video searching option is for people to use Youtube, Metacafe or another free video website.

Videos uploaded to websites like Youtube with proper titles and metadata can generate the desired traffic.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingOverview:
In a nutshell, search engine marketing is using a search engine's paid services to receive traffic. The benefits of search engine marketing is instant gratification. While many people wanting a website done yesterday and to be positioned at the top for free, it is not always that convenient. But, with SEM, you can pull out that credit card and pay to play.

Google Adwords:
Google Adwords is the main service for which anyone who wants to build and manage pay-per-click campaigns.

With Google Adwords, you can create a campaign for which you can have various ad groups which will store specific keywords. When campaigns are created, there are bid prices that are set for a group of keywords, such as 0.15. Then, you can see whether or not your site will be listed on the Google Sponsored links at the price. If not, you can specify bid prices for individual keywords or the entite groups of keywords. [...]