Monitoring Apache and MYSQL With Monit

Monitoring Apache and MYSQL With Monit Using Centos Monit is a linux package that can be used to monitor and restart processes automatically if they go down. This brief article will explain how to install and configure Monit. Installing Monit root# yum install monit Now that you have installed Monit, the fun begins. The main[…]

Setting Max Emails per Hour With WHM

Setting Maximum Emails per Hour With Web Host Manager When it comes to email, spam and your clients, you may want to take control of their email limits for many reasons; much of which are very obvious. For example, you want to limit the emails that can be done with a mass emailing script from[…]

Navigating Linux and Using SSH

Using Linux With SSH When you have root access to your Linux hosting account, you have so many extra features that are not available with shared hosting. One of the major features is SSH access with a tool like Putty. With SSH acccess you can literally connect fromm any computer on the Internet and do[…]

Cpanel SSL Certificates

Making SSL Certificates With Cpanel and Web Host Manager(WHM) When you want to add a SSL certificate to your website using Cpanel or web Host Manager(WHM), there are a few key points to remember. The two main points are the key and the actual SSL certificate. The two go hand in hand because the key[…]

Using MYSQL Accounts With Web Host Manager

Web Host Manager Accounts and Databases Web Host Manager is a fantastic tool to order accounts and databases. Generally speaking, Web Host Manager is used to create accounts where you want to keep accounts organized and separated. Here are various reasons why you may want to create separate accounts with Web Host Manager: 1) Some[…]

Tracking Website Down Time Cpanel

Website Down Time in Cpanel From time to time, a website can shut down for several reasons. One very common reason is that the server is running out of memory. Many websites consume many resources because they are built with Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and so on. With that in mind, you may want to know[…]

Customize Apache Server and PHP With Web Host Manager

Web Host Manager; Customize Apache and PHP SOFTWARE PHP / mySQL runs on the Apache server. You can configure the Apache server and update PHP in one shot using ‘Easy Apache’. To upgrade Apache Server and PHP, 1) Select ‘Easy Apache’. 2) Select ‘Start customizing based on profile’ to upgrade from existing settings. 3) Select[…]