Tranfering Domain Name From GoDaddy to Dynadot

How To Transfer a Domain From Godaddy To Dynadot 2) Login to your Dynadot account. 2) Select ‘Your Account’. 3) Scroll down the page and look for Transfer Domain on the right hand side. 4) Login to GoDaddy and go to the desired domain you want to transfer. Domain Manager will have your list of[…]

how to develop a website

How To Develop A Website

How To Develop A Website This article will explain how to develop a website. The methods explained may not be suitable for all users, but, the could enable you to start with a blank editor at point A and end up with a completed website at point B which loads at To build a[…]

Why Every Web Developer Should Blog

Why Every Web Developer Should Write or Blog This might come as a surprise to write such an article, but it could help with your journey as a web developer / programmer. The main reason I would even suggest such a title or this advice can be put in the next simple sentence. All coding[…]

Web Developer Skills

Web Developer Skills

Web Development Skills The definition for a web developer is rather broad and the skills needed to become a web developer can be very, very diverse too. Nevertheless, I will attempt to explain the skills that could be implemented by a web developer. Please note that larger companies often hire specific people to do various[…]

Remove Image Hotlinking

Protect Yourself From Image Hotlinking In web development terms, hotlinking takes place when a remote server links to your images and uses them in their for their own purposes. Although it is a negative activity, the best way to deal with it is to not allow your content to be snatched. The easiest way to[…]