SEO Fiverr

Fiverr SEO I am not sure what got into me one week, but, I sure had Fiverr fever. At the time, I was focusing on SEO and decided to see what five bucks would buy me. After reading various blogs and forums, I obviously did not expect much since more reviews were on the negative[…]

Google Webmaster Tools Home Page

Google Crawl New Page Almost Instantly

Google Crawl Page Quickly If you have a new page that you want crawled you can speed up the process using Google Webmaster Tools. At one time, a typical webmaster may have built a static or dynamic web page, or blog post and wondered how long it will take for Google to crawl the page.[…]

Add Image to Google Search Results

How To Add Your Image To Google Search Pages Adding your image to web page search results can really help your page stand out from the rest. The search results with your images will look similar to a video search result, except you will have a small 50px x 50px thumbnail image next to your[…]

Google Keyword Analysis

Google Keywords Analysis Although driving traffic to your website is a collection of crafting good text, good page titles and good linking, much consideration should also go to positioning location per traffic of keyword. For example, assume you write a powerful article that will show up in Google’s search results for specific keywords. Now, ask[…]

Directories SEO

Directories and SEO Directories can be a fantastic format for search engine optimization. Directories can be custom pages with / without Google mapping, or pre-made scripts integrated into a website. Directories allow you to add listings that will dynamically generate page titles and custom text; just like a simple web page. If the directory is[…]

SEO and Writing

SEO and Writing This article is intended to clear up a few details regarding SEO. The plan of SEO attack can be different for small and big websites. For example, for small websites with limited  pages, the influencing factors are a good domain name, good page titles, proper keywording and content, proper text tagging(like h1,[…]

SEO and Tabs

Tabs and SEO You see tabs everywhere, especially large websites like MSN and Yahoo Sports. Normally upon clicking, tabs allow websites to display content within a particular module. The benefit of tabs is that the page can hold much more content than a page without tabs. To achieve the tab effect, Javascript may be used[…]

Blogging and SEO

Blogging and SEO Blogging is about the simplest and fastest way to create new pages for a never-ending Search Engine Optimization(SEO) program. The hard part is being a good writer or blogger for which propper grammer is used with words that flow continuously. With blogs and blogging platforms, new pages can automatically create new pages[…]

SEO: More is Better, More is Not Always Better

Generally speaking, writing more words allows for more phrases to be picked up by the search engines. Often enough, these phrases can exist in the content without being listed in the title. However, keywords and phrases in the title will get better rankings than those that are nested in the content.  In a nutshell, more[…]