Raspberry Pi and Motion Webcam

Raspberry Pi Motion Detecting and Live Web Cam The Raspberry makes is a fantastic device that allows you to stream live video and record motion detection. As long you have a webcam that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi, you have the basic hardware to accomplish such a task. In order to get started with[…]

Install Varnish On the Raspberry Pi

Installing Varnish On Raspberry Pi Varnish is an http accelerator (reverse proxy) that can be used to store copies of web pages that will be used to serve the web surfer instead of copying the page from the server. Essentially, websites that are delivered from the cache will display much faster than those that are[…]

SSH Between Raspberry Pis

Using SSH Between Raspberry Pis As your local network grows with the addition of new Raspberry Pis, you may want to keep your workload minimized by using SSH between Raspberry Pis. If you use SSH to connect from Pi to Pi, you can easily move files and program any Pi quickly and efficiently. To connect[…]

Connect To Raspberry Pi With SSH Using Putty

SSH Connection To Raspberry Pi You have the Raspberry Pi with an installed operating system and it is connected to the Internet. In this case, it does not have a monitor you will use because you simply want to access and program it from the command line. Well, once you open Putty, you can connect[…]

Clone Raspberry Pi SD Card To USB

Clone Raspberry Pi SD Card To USB

Create a USB Copy of Your Raspberry Pi SD Card Hard Drive I will keep this blunt. This tutorial explains how to make a usable copy of the existing Raspian installation on your SD card. There are several reasons why you may want to do this operation such as; you want exact copies of your[…]

Create a Static IP For Raspberry Pi

Making a Static IP With Raspberry Pi This tutorial explains how to create a static ip address for your Raspberry Pi. The file for which you will edit is called ‘interfaces’ It is located within the /etc/network folder. Why do I want to do this? There are many reasons why you may want to create[…]

Wireless Raspberry Pi

Wireless Raspberry Pi Your Raspberry Pi should easily connect to the Ethernet easily after you have Raspian or another distro setup on your SD card. However, using wireless could be simple, or it could take a little workover. This tutorial will show how to get that wireless internet working with a plug and play wireless[…]

Raspberry Pi Projects (Getting Started)

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi Projects The Raspberry Pi can be used to build many projects. This tutorial will show you how to get started with your Raspberry Pi so that you can begin to explore and create many projects of your own. To get started with the raspberry Pi, 1) Format your SD card.[…]

Using Vi (Vim) With Raspberry Pi

Using Vi / Vim With raspberry Pi If you have used Ubuntu or Centos, you may find that the when you use ‘vi’, everything works as you expect right out of the box. However, this may not be the case with a Raspberry Pi. The good news, is that you can install vim and get[…]

Remote Desktop With Raspberry Pi

Use Desktop or Laptop to Run Raspberry Pi This simple tutorial will explain how to use your laptop or desktop computer as the monitor for your Raspberry Pi. In this example, it is assumed that you have a monitor connected to your Raspberry Pi. If you want to connect to a Raspberry Pi that is[…]