RSS Feeds and SEO

RSS Feeds and SEO Most regular bloggers have a common goal; get more traffic and more regular readers. Therefore, giving users the ability to subscribe to your RSS feeds is one such useful feature to keep them coming back. Some people like feeds and will seek your new articles. However, an additional gem is that[…]

Camstudio Quality

Camstudio Quality Camstudio can make very high quality video captures. It is open source and free. To make a top quality Camstudio video, 1) Download and install Lossless codec or use an appropriate codec. You can see the codecs at Options >Video Options >Select codec and set a high quality. 2) Options >Autopan Speed >Use[…]

Video Size for the Website

Video Size for the Web When a video is made for the web, sizing is very important. The major is issue is the dominant player for which the video will be played. If the video will be played on a player 320px x 240px, then this size is fine to make the video; whether the[…]