Laravel 5 Basic Essentials

Laravel is a popular PHP framework and may programmers and employers like to use a framework. Using a framework encourages decent coding methods and can help keep code organized and secure. Now that you know that you want to build a web application with Laravel, here are the essentials to get up and running. Step[…]

PHP Jquery and Ajax

PHP, Jquery and Ajax Tutorial The purpose of this article is to explain several options for which to use PHP and Ajax. Ajax has been around a long a time and there are multiple reasons why a developer would want to use it. However, what ranks it high on the list is its ability to[…]

PHP Returning Objects

Returning PHP Objects This tutorial will use a simple example regarding how to return methods and objects from a class. Although the code is not optimal for production use, it does demonstrate a process for which the class is instantiated, and a database object is used for database queries. Here is a summary of what[…]

Not Allowing Direct Access To PHP Files

Not Allowing Direct Access To PHP files You can use several methods to not allow web surfers to access files directly. One method can be done with an Apache configuration or .htaccess and another is to define a constant in a file and include the other file while making sure the constant was defined. Method[…]

PDO Database Connection

Using PDO to Connect To mySQL When using mySQL for PHP applications, you normally connect to a database using a function. Some popular methods are mysql_connect(), mysqli_connect()and PDO objects. This simple example will explain how to do it using PDO. PDO has all sorts of advantages, such as binding parameters to a query so that[…]