PHP Sort Array

PHP Sort Array Sorting arrays in PHP can be done with various functions. A multitude of sort functions can be found at One very common function to sort an array is with the simple sort() function. Use PHP sort() function in its own line to sort an array. For example, date and datetime entries[…]

Convert PDF Files To Epub and Kindle Books

Convert Indesign and PDF Files to Epub and Kindle Books Convert InDesign CS to EPub, PDF and Kindle When you have a completed Adobe Indesign book and want to market it for ebook sellers such as Amazon, Kobo, Nook and perhaps your own store; you will need to create various versions which include Kindle Format[…]

Recover Lost Windows Data

Recover Lost Windows Data When you work with valuable files with Windows, yo should always keep fresh backups in case anything goes wrong on your hard drive. This will eventually save you from having to deal with a mess on a greater scale. But, if you do not, or have learned that lesson to late,[…]

Convert PDF Files To Word Doc

PDF Files To Word Doc Converting PDF files to Word Documents can be very useful for seo and print. Since pdf files are often a finished product, converting them to Word docs can bring you back to Microsoft Word so that you can edit them again. If all you need is the text, it is[…]

Web Design and Development Procedure

Building a Website Bulding a website requires a few simple simple steps: 1. domain name 2. hosting 3. website template 4. content 5. extras 6. web management Domain Name: Domain name is self explanatory. Buyiong a name like is necessary to start. The price starts as low as $12. Hosting Hosting is where the[…]

Paypal Sandbox vs Paypal Code

Paypal Sandbox vs Paypal Live Code When testing shopping carts prior to ‘going live’, it is recommended to to use the Paypal sandbox. The Paypal sandbox had been implemented for this purpose. When the time comes to making the cary live, changing the code is very minor. The following example shows how a form processed[…]

Pinnacle Studio Sound

Pinnacle Studio Sound With Pinnacle Studio, sound issues could arise for various reasons. One such issue is that sound is lost after a file is opened in Pinnacle Studio. Loss of sound could arise for various reasos such as the source file framerate. Here is an example how a file from Camstudio could be imported[…]

Using Paypal Sandbox

Using Paypal Sandbox Paypal offers a sandbox to test shopping carts prior to ‘going live’.The following excert explains how to test buyers and sellers to see if the program works and payments would be processed in the real world. To get a Paypal Sandbox, 1) Goto Paypal Sandbox signup 2) Get email and activate account[…]

Issues Outsourcing

Issues of Outsourcing In a world where people in various countries can make contact in milliseconds and work rates can vary, you may wonder if outsourcing is something you should consider. Although there are pros and cons; cultural differences, ‘security trust’ and copyright issues are 3 big factors you must consider. Cultural Differences Can you[…]