Why Use Ubuntu Mate

As a Linux enthusiast, particularly Ubuntu for home pcs, I had decided to write this article to explain why I have really taken to Ubuntu Mate. If I could sum it up in two words, it would be Ubuntu compatibility. Several years ago, I had an old HP laptop that came with Windows Vista for[…]

Pro Ftp Limit File Extensions

ProFTP File Restrictions With Pro FTP, you can quickly add conditions to an FTP account. There can very a variety of reasons why you would want to limit FTP to certain files types. For example, let’s say you hired a web designer from overseas to work on a project. Without placing file restrictions, he could[…]

Apache and Overriding With htaccess

.htaccess Overriding With .htaccess, you can override the main configuration you set with Apache. However, you can be very specific with your needs. For example, you can set a domain to have no override options in the root folder, yet, specify which folders you want to have the ability to override the main settings. The[…]

Remove www from URL with Htaccess

Remove www From URL with .htaccess For whatever reason, the time could arrive when you would like to remove www from urls from your root website folder or a subdirectory. If you use the Apache server, mod_rewrite makes it easy for you to do this procedure. The methods below show one example you could use[…]

Convert Windows XP or Vista To Linux

Convert to Linux FROM Windows XP or Windows Vista If you have a computer with a faulty Windows installation, or a pc that just runs too slow with Windows, you may want to give Linux a try. Two distributions which have a modern look feel and functionality are Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Generally speaking, you[…]

Backing Up MYSQL to a New Server

Backup and Restore a MYSQL Database This tutorial will show the steps that can be used to backup a mySQL database, move it to a new server and restore it. Although this can be done very quickly with GUIs like Cpanel and phpMyAdmin, the tutorial explanations use the Linux command line. After all, if you[…]