Deciding Why To Use Node JS

Why Use Node JS Throughout the past few years, node.js has caught alot of people’s attention, including myself. So, I hope to explain in my own words, when and how I would use node.js. This is written from the perspective of a web developer who dominantly hand codes PHP, mySQL, HTML and CSS programmer.  After[…]

Simple Shadowbox Tutorial

Using Shadowbox For Video and Images Shadowbox is a web based application which allows users to displya text or image links that popup in a shadowbox. Shadowbox can be downloaded from To use Shadowbox with youtube video, 1) Download Base(standalone) and check all options. 2) Unzip and upload the shadowbox folder or files to[…]

Changing CSS With JQuery On Change

Changing CSS With JQuery JQuery makes it very simple to alter css properties for an element, id, or class. The code below shows how an input value can become orange in case the number is greater than 10. Initially, the change() function is activated when an input field changes. It is similar to Javascript’s onchange[…]

Javascript Passing Values Into Function

Passing Values Into Javascript Function Here are two methods for which you can use DOM(Document Object Model) to use values within html forms. Example 1: When someone clicks the button, the value 25 become a parameter for the get_price() function.  It becomes ‘value’. <html><body> <script> function get_price(value){ var price1 = document.getElementById(“myid”).value; //return true; alert(“Price is:[…]

Javascript Auto Submit Form

Javascript Auto Submit Form Online courses, and other forms may have the need to submit the information after a specific time period. For example, a student may have 30 minutes to complete a course. If the course is not completed on time, submitting the work automatically is much like a teacher grabbing the exam paper[…]

Javascript Strings vs PHP Strings

Javascript Strings vs PHP Strings with Functions Javascript and PHP share many similarities when writing functions; such as how the function is written: function(){}. However, there are a few fundamental differences. For one, Javascript functions can start be started by using html, while php functions tend to be called from PHP files.  Several methods to[…]

Javascript SetTimeout Function

The Javscript setTimeout() function is a decent method for which to start another block of Javascript code at a specified time: Here is an example below for which the setInterval function will start the setCountDown() function after 2 minutes have elapsed. setTimeout(‘setInterval(“setCountDown()”,1000);’,120000); // Start timer