Multiple CSS Classes

If you ever have used a theme or script, you will often see an element with various classes attached to that element; such as ‘<div class-=”red black”>’. As you may have already expected, the element makes reference to the red and black classes. That is the easiest part while applying the style to the element[…]

Make All Bootstrap Columns the Same Height

After browsing around the web, looking a perfect solution for making all bootstrap columns the same height, I ended up crafting a custom solution because all the options I pursued were incomplete. Why incomplete? Well, using a simple Jquery solution to take the tallest column and make others the same height was short and sweet[…]

Bootstrap Basics

Bootstrap Basics Bootstrap and Skeleton Frameworks help you create responsive websites very quickly and easily. With this brief lesson, you will be shown some very basic tips for creating and working with the Bootstrap framework. Using the Framework In order to use the Bootstrap Framework, you need to download it from and move the[…]

Bootstrap and Less Tutorial

Bootstrap and LESS Beginner Tutorial

Simple Bootstrap and LESS Lesson This tutorial will help get you up and running with the popular Bootstrap framework so that you can quickly create ad edit responsive websites using these tools. Download Bootstrap 1) Download from When you arrive here, you have serveral download options. You can download ‘Bootstrap’ and use it right[…]

HTML 5 Basic Setup

HTML 5 Web Page Setup Setting up an HTML 5 website is very simple. The typical page will have doctype declaration at the top of the page. For html 5, the doctype is ‘<!DOCTYPE HTML>’. After declaration is the opening html tag which is displayed as ‘<html>’. After the opening html tag are the <head></head>[…]

Responsive Web Design and CSS

Responsive Web Designs / CSS Within the past couple of years, ‘responsive’ has been quite a buzzword around web designers and developers. Responsive web design is modern styling which presents web pages to custom fit any browser and device. It is the new method to create one website which looks great on all devices. Previous[…]

CSS Background Transparent

Css Transparent Background When you work with css and many divs nested within div tags, you will often want to use the background of the parent div. The transparent background makes this fast and simple. To inherit background within a nested div, background:transparent;

HTML Doc Type

HTML Doc Types When you build a website, it has a DTD at the top of the page which declares the type of document for the web page. These days, most web pages use various declarations for html and xhtml. Below, are two code samples for the most common types of xhtml documents and the[…]

Centered Background CSS

Centered Background CSS The code below can be used to set an image in the background that will stretch and fit the width of various computer monitor sizes. background: url(“../images/bg.jpg”) no-repeat scroll center top #FFFFFF;     height: 200px;     position: absolute;     top: 0;     width: 100%; Larger images like 2100 x 500 help insure[…]