Multiple Codeigniter Applications

By default, Codeigniter is setup to run a single application. Since each controller can reference views located in organized, separate folders, an entire website could look like it uses multiple applications. For example, a controller called blog.php could access view files in the views/blog folder. With a single application that requires one database this could work just fine.


Codeigniter Blog

Codeigniter comes with all sorts of classes to make a custom blog. Once a blog is built with appropriate styling, there could come a time when the view file needs altering in order to display the blog title in the page title(for order and SEO). [...]

PHP Framework Advantages

When it comes to building websites with various forms of content, the road often leads to 3 choices; Pure PHP/mySQL PHP Framework Content Management System Although each method would have its own strengths and weaknesses, the PHP framework is a great place to build, build and build. Since each controller will actually be the name[…]