Plagiarism and Copyright On the Web

Plagiarism and Copyright On the web In today’s modern web world, publishing content legally on a website has all sorts ramifications. In general, you have the copyright over your material as soon and the words hit the page. However, some individuals or companies will steal content from others to use on their own web site.[…]

Blogging Voices and SEO

Blogging Voices & SEO You see this article and you wonder what place it has to do with SEO and blogging. Well, not much and that is exactly what the article is trying to explain. When articles are written in blogs or anywhere else, the writer can choose various narrators; first person[I], second person[You] or[…]


Blogging The blogger is the freelance-style writer who writes about a topic of interest or a topic for which he receives a paycheck. Writing the blog is like writing a magazine article. The article could be short or long. This type of writing is often satisfying since a writer(especially on his own terms) can just[…]

Technical Writer

Technical Writer A technical writer creates technical documentation for online and print media. The output would depend on a company’s needs. For example, manuals for boilers could accompany the item during sale and the online documentation could be revised and updated as required. Two popular software applications for writing such documentation are Microsoft Word or[…]

Why Should I Have A Blog

A blog is an invaluable resource for any website that is concerned with SEO. A blog is like writing freelance articles that will become titled, keyworded and indexed with search engines; especially the most popular one ‘Google’. Unlike other menus and content management, a blog allows unrelated and related articles to be displayed in an[…]