Php Linking To Other Folders

This post will explain how to link images, header and footer files across all folders. For example, let’s say you want to create a subfolder for seo purposes. In this case, let’s create a new folder called new-york. Meanwhile, our files in the root folder had all the css, images and javascript. Since the plan[…]

Why Use Ubuntu Mate

As a Linux enthusiast, particularly Ubuntu for home pcs, I had decided to write this article to explain why I have really taken to Ubuntu Mate. If I could sum it up in two words, it would be Ubuntu compatibility. Several years ago, I had an old HP laptop that came with Windows Vista for[…]

Multiple CSS Classes

If you ever have used a theme or script, you will often see an element with various classes attached to that element; such as ‘<div class-=”red black”>’. As you may have already expected, the element makes reference to the red and black classes. That is the easiest part while applying the style to the element[…]

Grunt and Gulp Quick Start Guide

GRUNT Install Grunt and usage 1. Install the command-line interface npm install -g grunt-cli   2. With the command line, navigate to the folder where you want to run grunt; such as a web application or website folder. cd myfoldername   3. Install Grunt locally npm install grunt –save-dev   4. Make a simple grunt[…]

Make All Bootstrap Columns the Same Height

After browsing around the web, looking a perfect solution for making all bootstrap columns the same height, I ended up crafting a custom solution because all the options I pursued were incomplete. Why incomplete? Well, using a simple Jquery solution to take the tallest column and make others the same height was short and sweet[…]

Angular.js For PHP Programmers

The purpose of this article is to explain how to adapt to using angular.js for those who have a background in PHP; since angular is MVC, uses controllers, and outputs $scope variables in the HTML using {{variableName}} much like a template engine like Smarty, Twig and Blade. If you have at least a basic understanding[…]

Angular.js Simple Example

Angular.js is a Javascript Framework that can be used quite effectively with single page web applications, ajax and PHP. This article will not show various methods to use angular.js. It will focus on using modules, controllers and output. When you use Angular.js, there are three parts in the file for which you need to know[…]