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About Lampload

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About The Founder of Lampload.com
Back around the time when print and the Internet world collided, I was a writer who wanted the best of both worlds. As I kept pursuing online and print media, I became fascinated with dynamic websites. Building dynamic websites allowed people to publish in full color and output pages based on a user's needs. This fascination turned into quite a hobby and quite a struggle all at the same time.

Throughout the years, I would read lots of books and practice hard at programming and using other applications like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Zen Cart and much more. Without a background in computer science in school, I figured that I should take some classes to build a stronger foundation. Essentially, I got three programming certificates issued by the University of Illinois; PHP / SQL, Client Side Programming and Linux Administrator Certificate.

As time marched on, I began and completed my book PHP / mySQL Fundamentals and Snippets which I use as my reusable codebase and to find my areas of weakness. In addition, I worked hard at memorizing as much theory and coding as possible so that I could hand code most of my applications which severely speeds up development time and troubleshooting. Being humble and trying to be better helps a programmer grow.

Most of the code and content from the book can be found on my blog on this website. The intention is to help others who want to build dynamic websites with PHP / mySQL. 

After my first two certificates, I swapped careers and got a job as a full time web developer at two colleges in Vancouver, BC. The challenging databases and coding really helped in my programming growth. On top of that, I normally get up at 4:00am - 5:00am to code applications or write.

Currently, I continue to blog, write books and pen magazine articles for larger circulation magazines like Linux Format, Raspberry Pi Geek and Linux Journal. Generally, the articles deal with PHP / mySQL and Web Hosting. Some article examples detail the setup and maintenance of home web servers, building custom scrapers and Linux Administration for PHP Programmers.

Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine: Serving Up a Tempting Web Server

Linux Format magazine: PHP: Custom Web Scraping

After experimenting with many web applications, php scripts and Frameworks, it seemed logical to build a system that would help build websites quicker, be easy to customize and expand and perform very fast. With those concepts in mind, Bohemian CMS was born out of the need to create a CMS which can be used on all web browsers (computer, laptop, ipad and mobile) with lightning fast performance; generally something which requires adequate coding with various programming languages.

With thousands of hours invested in web development, we had decided to spend thousands more to build our own CMS since we believed we needed;

1) A CMS which loads faster and can be used to build website quicker than any common CMS.
2) A CMS which could output on all computers and web devices very quickly and easily; something most content management systems cannot do adequately without adding custom mobile web programming.
3) A CMS which was easier to use for the client to edit and make changes.
4) A CMS that was very simple to add third party existing 'Pure PHP / mySQL' code.
5) A CMS that uses less server resources than other content management systems.
6) A blogging platform that was so lean it would even load within a blink on a Raspberry Pi at home.

"Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."
Albert Einstein

Online Web Design Class
After using Bohemian CMS regularly for custom web sites, it had become so easy to use that it was decided to use it as a method for others to learn web design.

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